Kate Sartor Hilburn and Terrie Queen Autrey

“Beating Hearts: Stories of Domestic Violence,” photographic constructions and text

A collaboration of photographer Kate Sartor Hilburn and writer Terrie Queen Autrey, “Beating Hearts” tells, in visual and verbal detail, true stories of victims and survivors of domestic violence. The stories are taken from interviews with women and children that Hilburn and Autrey documented while working in domestic violence programs. Each piece is a photo construction built into a window or door, representing the framework of home.

Gwynedd Trombley

“Fecund,” video

Carole Loeffler

“Linger – a multi-media environment,” installation

The title of the exhibition, “Linger,” is exactly what the artist would like the viewer to do. Loeffler, an artist currently teaching and living in Southern Illinois, is interested in the idea of temporarily transforming the psychological and physiological characteristics of an architectural space. “Linger” is based on the artist’s idea to create an environment of wonder, astonishment and awe. She challenges the viewers to slow down and immerse themselves in an environment that puts one at ease, that is warm and enveloping – much like a womb.

Mathias Schergen

“Home Made Stuff,” constructed objects

The neo non-naive work of Schergen will hang on the walls as a collection of curiously constructed objects that embody a sense of simple sophistication.

“Icons and Altars”

The artists will exhibit work in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, assemblage and photography.

This exhibition features a group of Chicago-area women artists who have been friends and allies for over 35 years. Examining the altar and its application to traditional and modern forms, the artists reflect and explore the constructs of traditional iconography expanding on personal concerns of the environment, the psyche, and the soul.

Hye Shin

“Recent Works,” fiber

The artist’s work expresses her love of nature, particularly the texture and light and colors of the landscape. Reconstructed texture of surface and significantly condensed composition are the most important concepts of Shin’s work. Color, texture and structure of textile have been expressed to visualize a sense of place, space and time in nature. Minimal use of color, geometric shape and subtle, yet eloquent image in the artwork create the infinite wonder and beauty of the nature.

Granite Amit

“Whatever is Within is also Without,” installation

Israeli artist Granite Amit presents “Whatever is Within is Also Without,” a minimalist installation, creating a visual space unfolding into a multiplicity of alternative narratives through text and video. The installation contains sheer fabrics in the shape of a floating house, minimalist plans of houses painted on the floor, and a video projection of text. The video shows text edited in an animation program. The motion of the text completes or contradicts the delivered impact of the whole. The video expresses and defines simultaneously emotional fragility and transparency. It also explores the process of written and visual art. Text, and most particularly, poetry, describes realities which do not exist, captured in two dimensional entities, that is, the words. Visual art has the alternative capacity of translating inner processes and cognitions into existing objects. The installation is a dialogue between these forms of expression. The visual elements of the installation and their intentional transparency yield in importance to the motion of the person who enters the space, who then becomes engaged in this artistic conversation, bringing in his or her own personal narratives.

Eden Stern

“Lies and Exaggerations,” pulp painting

This exhibit consists of several pulp paintings in which the artist satirizes the current Bush Administration, especially focusing on the stories told to the American public.