“Hair Do”


This installation concludes a one-year program of expressive therapy at a shelter for domestic violence survivors. The women braided hair in to the shape of small houses, exploring the mythical powers and significance of hair, as it appears to them. With pain but also with a paradoxical perspective and humor, they reflect on the loss and gain of power. The exhibition and the expressive therapy program were initiated and facilitated by Granite Amit, a member artist at ARC Gallery, as part of the gallery’s outreach program.

Nancy Bechtol

“you are cordially NOT invited,” Anti-TABD and Anti-War Rally: Chicago ’03, DVD/Video

This is the first big march Chicago has seen in decades. On location, downtown–March 2003–The Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) Summit/mix of big business agenda and the pre-war intensity meet on the street. Shot in digital video, a first-person view is given of the overwhelming police presence, the media, and the protestors. Upfront and personal.

“Residue of Silence”


“Residue of Silence” connects three different yet related points of view in a multidisciplinary investigation of memory and the Holocaust. In Francisca de Beurges Rosenthal’s mixed media sound installation, SH’MA (Listen and Understand), audio-recorded survivors’ memories emanate from sculptural chairs, in juxtaposition with found objects and wall text. Using the landscape as a common thread, Joyce Lyon weaves together in dialogue her father’s memories of Rzeszow, the Polish town of his childhood, memories of her childhood in New York, and her adult explorations into the continuing reverberations of the Holocaust. Howard Oransky layers fragments of images and text on transparent fabric and canvas, suggesting a form of remembrance that skips over time and space despite our desire for a linear story.


Image by Howard Oransky

Trinity Christian College Thesis Exhibition

Trinity Christian College’s Department of Art and Design presents its BA thesis show. The show features work by Robert Bonk (graphic design), Denise Esparza (mixed media), Adam Fruendt (multi media), Jennifer Hunter (painting), Matthew Medema (graphic design), Jennie Newstat (painting), Schuyler Roozeboom (multi media), Hilary Ryan (wax) and Danielle Togtman (mixed media).


Image by Jennifer Hunter

Robin McCauley

“Blemish,” mixed media (3D)

Interested in the relationship people have with their bodies, McCauley attempts to conceal that which we think is ugly: the insinuation that what lies beneath is perfection; the use of garments as a concealer of the things which we deem vulgar or repulsive; the attempt to deny the humanness that binds us all – the flaws and imperfections of the vessel that propels us through life, a concept that would be known all to well by adult actors from sites like hdpornvideo.xxx and many more. The artist states, “My recent work involves biological urges, gender role-playing, and the paradox of sexual attraction as compromised by cultural appropriation. I use fragmented and whole garments and shoes as anthropomorphous stand-ins, exposing and exploring permutations rather than concealing or overlooking them.”

ARC Members’ Show 2004

“Personae,” various media

ARC member artists create “self portraits”


Image of Granite Amit with Granite Amit

Karen Ami

clay sculptures