“Endo Expressions”

Endometriosis, an often-misunderstood disease, has profound effects on those who suffer from it and their friends and family. “Endo Expressions” highlights artwork in various media by people who are affected by this horrible disease. The Chicago Endometriosis Group supports those with the disease and informs others about it during March, which is Endometriosis Awareness Month, and throughout the year.

Irene Chan

“SumiIce,” installation, ink, ice, paper

From an installation of ice, ink, and paper, images such as branches, rivers, maps, organic plants, human body organs, and mythological creatures occur. Inspired from the Taoist philosophy that each brushstroke cannot be repeated and is therefore individual because each time you paint, you and time would have changed.

Joe DeVito


Jennifer Greenburg

“The Rockabillies: Images from 2001-2004,” photography

The artist is working in a documentary vein of photography. This new work is from a series titled, “The Rockabillies: Images from 2001-2004.” The 20″x24″ C-prints reveal young individuals involved in a subculture that has adapted a hyper-hybrid version of American culture from the mid-20th century.

Poetic Dialogue

“The Poetic Dialogue: Poetry, Women, Art,”  various media

Curated by artist Beth Shadur

The Poetic Dialogue is a collaborative exhibition of art by 20 Chicago women artists in response to 6 national women poets. Poets Marilyn Chin, Jan Beatty, Judith Vollmer, Lois Roma-Deeley, Margaret Rozga, and Robin Behn, all award-winning writers, submitted their poems for the artists to consider, and 20 ARC Gallery artists created works in a wide variety of media from painting and sculpture to photography, as inspired by the various poems. During the March exhibition, on Friday March 26th, the poets will present poetry readings, and an artist panel & discussion will follow. This exhibition was conceived by Beth Shadur after a Ragdale fellowship, and it is sponsored by the Ragdale Foundation of Lake Forest, IL.  It has also been underwritten by a generous grant from the M.A. Josephine Grisham Foundation.


Image by Patricia Otto, with the poet Marilyn Chin

Laura Lencioni

“Global Warming: What Do You Think?,” mixed media

When you hear the phrase, “Global Warming,” what thoughts come to mind? The artist attempts to answer that question for herself through her artwork and also invites the viewer to share opinions, facts, feelings, or any comments they wish to make on the subject.