Frances Giron

“The Purge,” mixed media

Reclaiming identity and self-worth are the focus of “The Purge.” What do you do when you discover your wedding vows to be no guarantee of security, when unconditional love proves to be a myth? Keep your man happy, a woman is told– even in this ‘enlightened’ age–and you’ll keep him from straying. Slowly you mold yourself into his and society’s ideal of the Perfect Wife, and slowly you lose your independence and the person you once were.

Michele Beck and Jorge Calao

“Whirlwind White,” video

Whirlwind White is a series of experimental, digital videos, which manipulate sound and motion. Inspired by sources including early experiments in performance video, the plays of Samuel Beckett and the screams of Antonin Artaud, Beck and Calvo use video as a malleable material through which to breakdown the boundaries between the body, time and space. In the videos, it is the motion of the body and sound, rather than language that tells the story. Beck and Calvo repeat gestures, wrap their heads in packing tape, and spin in circles endlessly in order to release bodily energy, process experience and break down notions of progress.

Orit Siman-Tov

“Leisure Time in Israel,” photographs

The ‘habitus’ of contemporary Israeli life is explored in this project from the perspective of public leisure sites and their inhabitants. The photographs were taken in leisure parks, swimming pools, hotels and malls between 1996 and 1997. Bursting with color the photographs intend to capture two different moments: the interrelationships between the site and the visitors and the interplay between the Western universal and the Israeli local nature of these sites.

ARC Affiliate Members’ Exhibition 2004

various media

Participating members include:  Karen Ami , Nancy Bechtol, Sheila Finnigan, Anne Farley Gaines, Tamaki Honda, Laura Lencioni, Justine Mantor, Rene McGinnis,  Tamara Petrov, Estelle Richman, Eden Stern and Marilyn Sward


Image by Karen Ami

Renee McGinnis

“Handscapes,” paintings

These simple compositions recall how our hands are used in ritual and how the position and gesture of our hands communicate an abundance of information.