Vance Mellen

“Screatures and Revelations, Dual Personalities,” videos and images

Stan Stevenson of the Skokie Video and filmmaker Vance Mellen delves into deranged psychology, lobotomies, and asylums in this autobiographical horror film, Screatures. After the insanity it is time to get religion: Revelations, a work in progress, is a modern day interpretation of the Book of Revelations, exploring barnyard apocalypses, fundamental Christianity, fanaticism, damnation and exaltation. Videos and images combine to explore earth, heaven and hell.

Renee Klyczek Nordstrom

“Sacre Coeur: Journey into the Light,” paintings, drawings and sculpture

The artist shares her art and healing from child sexual abuse and moves into the possibilities that come with finding one’s voice and personal power.

Carrie Iverson and Philip Hartigan

“OBJECTIVE/subjective,” etchings, collagraphs, gum prints and installation

Recent experimental prints show both artists are preoccupied with inventive exploration of print media; works on display range from prints on wood and cloth.

Scott Nava

“SRO (Single Room Occupancy Hotel in Chicago) The North,” digital inkjet prints

My project focuses on the oldest “men’s only” transient hotel in Chicago. This hotel has become a last resort for de-institutionalized, ex-offender, or simply marginal, men. Life below the poverty line has become America’s forgotten problem. These men represent a class that most Americans find less than attractive, because “it shouldn’t exist,” but it does. It is my goal as a photographer to give voice to the countless under-represented men, women and children in America, in hopes of expanding ones perceptions of the “Underclass.”

Arlene Levey

“Abstract Formula,” paintings

My recent work is about order, harmony and serenity, but it is also about what order and harmony are created to defy-chaos, confusion, solitude, loss. Yet it is the unexplainable, the random, the seemingly meaningless that make inspiration, insight and invention possible.

Jacqueline Katarine Hernadez

“One Traveler, Long I Stood,” photographic montage

My work is a series of photographic montages. The images themselves have personal meaning to me. I always welcome the different perspectives that a viewer might have for each image.