Karen Ami

“Heart Conditions,” sculptural mosaics

In her latest series of sculptures, “Heart Conditions”, Karen Ami examines love and transformation through ornate and color-saturated works of clay, glaze, glass and wood. Using the heart as a metaphor for growth and transformation, these sculptures depict the passages of maternal, spiritual, sexual, and mythic love. The series reflects the pain and elation of an open heart through the fragmentation of glass and seductiveness of clay.

Artemisia Gallery Members’ Farewell Show

“Remember,” various media

The last members of Artemisia Gallery convene for one final group show. Come celebrate the gallery and its legacy with us. Including: Judith Brotman, Judy Koon, Karen Hanmer, Sonya Baysinger, Nora Herting, Ellie Wallace, Christine LoFaso, Silvia Dinale, Karen Brown, Hether Hoffman and Stacy Hand.


Image by Hether Hoffman

“I Am (Not) This”

Ten Artists from the University of Chicago, various media

These works, curated by Dawn Brennan, explore the nature of personal identity, and how our fears, desires and rationalizations shape it. Ten artists examine how we define ourselves through what we are not – or what we hope we are not. Exhibiting artists are: Brad Ashlock (painting); Dawn Brennan (video); Adam Capone (sculpture); Stephanie Crofts (sculpture); John Johnson (mixed media); Mike Liberty (mixed media); Nick Ligato (painting); Kirsten Simonsen (painting); Alison Tisza (photography) and Toshio Yoshimatsu (mixed media).


Image by Brad Ashlock

Robert Egan

“Memories, Dreams and Reflections,” paintings

Extracting text from Dr. Jung’s written analysis of his patients’ dreams, Egan applies these quotations to his paintings. Using between 3-4 oil colors in each stroke applied with a palette knife, the artist abstracts a landscape in his response to the dream’s analysis.

Andrew Courtney, Luke Powell, and Steve Sabella

“Mind, Body, and Soul of Palestine,” photography

Featuring the work of photographers Andrew Courtney, Luke Powell, and Steve Sabella, each image is accompanied by an explanation written by the photographer that captured it. Palestinian Humanities & Arts Now; new initiative began its nationwide tour in January of 2003. al-PHAN’s concept is a collection of 36 photographs capturing the “Mind, Body, and Soul of Palestine.” This compilation contains works that illustrate the Palestinian people in their everyday lives (Mind), the city and landscapes of Palestine (Body), and the Palestinian people’s struggle for self-determination and life under occupation (Soul). The captivating imagery shows the essence of Palestine, vividly portraying the spirit of a vibrant people and culture in the context of their unique history.