Iris Goldstein

“Faces,” installation

Plaster wall reliefs examine the relationship between figure and ground –and figure and figure. The series of abstracted faces raises questions about singularity and multiplicity. The artist invites the viewer to engage in an encounter with the individual pieces, but also to experience the installation as a reflection of the space it inhabits.

Kyra Garrigue

“Audio-Video Works,” video

Garrigue’s videos capture minute sounds from everyday life that normally go unnoticed. Restructured and remixed, they form humorous “sound tracks” to simple activities, such as putting out a cigarette or flushing a toilet.

Lara Beth Mitchell

“Superficial,”: oil paintings

Mitchell’s paintings spring from a desire to integrate traditional methods and subjects with contemporary themes. To this end, her works explore conventional depictions of the female nude in painting and in popular culture, and the layers of tension created when the two intersect. The resulting images seek to address varying nuances of superficiality, concealment, projection, strength and self-image.

Keli Lemoi

“Icon:Beauty:Desire,”: photographs

The mouth is a powerful icon in contemporary society, often representing beauty and desire. I am concerned with exploring these ideas and how the mouth manifests sexuality in different ways.

House of the Good Shepherd residents


This exhibition concludes a one-year program of expressive therapy with women in a domestic violence shelter. The participant mothers guided their children in the process of making their own stories. Together they identified patterns of perceptions and “scares” of past violent events. In doing so, they also honor the courage, creativity, humor and problem solutions that these stories convey.

Gavin Gillan

“Untitled,”: photographs

Gillan states he is exploring the use of distortion as misinterpretation of fact with the intention of creating something equally concrete.

Elizabeth Coyne

“Thin Skin,”: paintings and monoprints

Coyne’s recent artwork offers contemplation into life by exploring layers of perception and addressing both tangible and intangible realities.

ryanbarrett AKA The Mousetrap Artist

“Child Pusher”: installation

ryanbarrett’s “Child Pusher” is a tension infused installation consisting of twelve sculptures based on child transportation devices, specifically antique prams, strollers and carriages. Using his signature motif–a skin of set mousetraps–he transforms seemingly banal objects into spring-loaded metaphors. Evolving over time, the traps go off and are not reset. The sensitively conceived and delicately wrought sculptures aim to disturb.