Gary Setzer

“The Recorder Suite”: video

Comprised of three short videos (Recorder 1, Recorder 2, and Recorder 3), Setzer’s The Recorder Suite, playfully approaches the otherwise complicated field of hermeneutics with a didactic feel reminiscent of children’s television programming. Featuring the artist blowing bubbles from his mouthful of soap, The Recorder Suite address the awkwardness of trying to bridge the language/meaning divide. As the videos progress, saliva gradually dilutes the soap making the artist’s task more and more problematic.

Serik Kulmeshkenov

“Visions of the Blind, Miracles of Technology “: drawings and engravings, paintings and photographs

As a legally blind artist, Serik’s engravings and drawings are as much a tribute to modern medicine and technology as to his own gifted artistic talents. He is able to work to great detail using computer adaptive hardware and software programs. His drawings and engravings are the product of his skilled hands and visions conveyed with the help of modern technology. He is an internationally acclaimed book plate engraver, a rare and ancient art form, and has works featured in “Ex Libras”, a publication of the American Society of Bookplate Collectors & Designers.

Lauren Feece

“Snapshot”: paintings

The paintings in this series are born from the snapshot. As a dialogue between the painting and the photograph, this work focuses on the subject’s transition from the unpretentious vision of reality contained within the snapshot to the iconography embedded in the language of painting.

Susan Pergentini Rice


After experimenting as a printmaker, I was challenged by the idea of producing layers of texture, detail and meaning and moved from inked plates and embossed paper to oil paint and handmade papers on wood panels. My art history background and interest in the didactics of language and signs are layered into the alternating markings. Obscuring and highlighting sections with texture and layers of color so that the foreground and background become interchangeable elements, I find each painting becomes as personal and evocative as a memory.

ARC Affiliate Members’ Show 2003

Showcasing the work of ARC Affiliate members


Image by Renee McGinnis