Scott Marshall

“Secret Subways”: video, paintings and photographs

An abstract meditation on the New York City subway system. The rich foment of the subway system is where we all come together in a shared state of blandly neutralized public experience. Teeming humanity has funneled in and out of the New York City transit tunnels for nearly a century, while the more antique nooks and crannies of the system have developed a particularly rich and interesting patina as a result. By focusing on the detritus, spaces, and structures as they slowly corrode back into their original elements, a compelling and animistic story of contemporary urban life can be told.

This program was sponsored, in part, by the Community Arts Re-Grant Program on the Brooklyn Arts Council Inc., which is made possible with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

“Exotica Bazaar”


Offering artistic wearable underwear and edible exotica!

Granite Amit

“Grapes of Wrath”: installation

Amit, an Israeli born artist, reflects the sadness and helplessness of the situation in Israel/Palestine which endures a constant escalation of wrath. A local production line of wine, raisins, and large scale printed and painted images on translucent fabrics, suggest a multi-layered space of information, emotional positions, and multiplicity of consciousness.

“I See London, I See France”

Juried exhibition by Gregory Knight, Chief Curator of the Chicago Cultural Center–with underwear as the theme. 

A sizzling hot exhibition that’s both naughty and nice featuring fifty artists from across the nation.

Rebecca Ringquist

“Shut”: installation

Ringquist addresses the content rich material of women’s lingerie and sexuality by the physical act of obsessively sewing shut these once functional garments.