Jeremy Drummond

“Selected Works 1998-2002”: videos

Video shorts follow the artist through his inquiries into the representation/perception of the body in mainstream media. This collection functions as a cultural critique as well as a sexualized deviation/celebration of a body existing outside of contemporary media.

Jeffrey Stager


Stager’s paintings express the human condition of isolation, loneliness and day-to-day survival as depicted through the interactions between people.


“Alex Art Works”: mixed media drawings

Alex states art is his passion and his greatest strength. As a mentally retarded young adult with hearing, speech and vision impairments, learning disabilities and emotional and behavioral disorders, Alex shares his visions of freedom using his unique method of mixing media to create his vivid images.

Shmura Campbell

“Beautiful Girls”: photographs

Shooting black and white photographs of both close friends and strangers, Campbell expresses how she sees the people that she documented in real life situations, some of which are gay or bi-sexual.

Norma Cochovity

“So What’s New”: paintings and photographs

Be it working with a camera or a brush in hand, Cochovity attempts to capture the moment. The artist expresses her emotions through color and form dictated by a lifetime of events.

Ping Homeric

“The Inner Landscape”: paintings

The artists work is all about organic shapes and elements. Homeric states, “One shape connects with another. One element transforms into another. They are intricate and sensuous, strange and weird. They are floating and tied together to form a landscape.a mysterious landscape. It is like they are on a journey to nowhere. Landscapes that may exist anywhere-or maybe only inside my mind. Inner landscapes.”

Sylvia Hommert

Mixed media paintings

Working with oils, wax, resin, mineral salts, sand and mother of pearl, the artist builds the canvas with layers which range from opaque to translucent to transparent. Responding viscerally rather than intellectual, the artist is interested in expressing the process of both her materials and her subconscious

Beth Shadur

“A Show of Hands:” watercolor paintings and clay sculptures

Shadur’s colorful, intricate work is narrative, telling stories and creating connections through symbols and sometimes jarring combinations of images. Her current work investigates the image and symbolism of the hand in its many gestures and roles. The hand as creator, healer, giver, taker and trickster is presented as the gateway to the soul