Zachariah Stricker

Animated Shorts: Video

Keli Lemoi

“Untitled Duratrans 2002”: Duratrans light boxes

After years of investigating self-portraiture, LeMoi has switched attention to include other subjects, creating a series of what she refers to as “non-portraits.” This set of images questions the ideas surrounding traditional portraiture, the gaze and perceptions of beauty through the nuance of expression and heightened awareness of skin. Representing a likeness of the subject is not the intention. LeMoi is more interested in the scrutinization of the face, while calling to question the psychological state of the subject who is aware they are being looked at.

Early Recollections

Early Recollections is based on a yearlong expressive Therapy project in a shelter of domestic violence survivors. It is a collaborative work of an ARC member Artist-Therapist and the residents of the shelter. Early Recollections are the first self-selected childhood memories. Even though they happened in the past, they reflect on the individual’s most inner system of beliefs. In the present, they might be used as psychological filters that interfere and define current experiences. Using translucent canvases, the survivors painted their recollections, layered them and altered the images. Rewriting the memories, rewriting the way they view themselves and their surroundings.

Erin Culton

Mixed media installation


By experimenting with a combination of photographic imagery and various other mediums, Culton explores how body image translates through different forms and textures. The installation is designed to stimulate a raw response to flesh and form.

Julie McLaughlin

“Pulpritude”: handmade paper and steel rod sculptures

McLaughlin has begun a new creative journey exploring the corseted silhouette after spending years designing costumes for the theatre. This exhibition consists of a series of wall- relief and freestanding sculptures using sheets of handmade paper stretched within steel rod armatures.

“National II” Juried Exhibition

ARC is pleased to present its second national juried competition.