Edgar Sorrano

Members of the Council for the Jewish Elderly

“We Are Here and We Have So Much to Say”: murals


This exhibition consists of four interactive mirrors created by over 100 members, clients and residents of the CJE in Open Art Studio sessions. It is a journey of Life: past, present and future and a story into expression without limitations and new discovery. This is CJE’s second exhibition at ARC Gallery.

Tamaki Honda

Oil paintings

Charlotte Segal

“Zen II”: mixed media paintings

This series of large scale canvases features images that relate to the artist’s most recent journey to Japan. Rendered in acrylic, surfaces are further enhanced by areas of paper and silk fabric. Both materials represent art forms of the region.

Ralitza Vladimirov

“Beyond the Invisible”: paintings

Vladimirov, a native of Bulgaria, presents paintings created in the world of music and dance movement . . . “You asked Me to come to you; to help you understand; to show you the divine truth; to reveal to you . . . the greatest secret. The secret you’ve kept from yourself . . . The secret of Who you Are . . . Will you now heal the hurts of the wounded, quell the anxieties of the fearful, meet the needs of the impovrished, celebrate the magnificence . . . and see the vision of Love everywhere?”

Nancy Fritz

“Windows and Mirrors – Looking in and Looking Out”: oil paintings

Fritz’s figurative paintings employ the metaphor of windows and mirrors to enhance the existential problem being addressed – that of a contemplative, engendered response to issues of identity, loss, and memory. Fritz extends the mirror analogy in her reflective use of familiar objects and personal iconography (birds, flowers, photos) that echoes between paintings, thereby establishing a cohesive visual space from which look within.

John Schuerman

“Family Portraits/Grit”: paintings

Family Portraits/Grit is a personal diary on becoming a father and once again living in a family. The images in this show are composites, informed by old memories and new experiences. These works portray the gritty and bizarre implications of parenthood.