Illinois Art Therapy Association

“Deconstruction/Reconstruction”: various media

Art therapists from Illinois respond to the events of September 11th by deconstructing and reconstructing the sights, sounds and stories repeatedly portrayed in the media. Deconstruction/Reconstruction connects our experience of both the local and urban communities to the context of world events. A community drumming for peace will take place during the opening reception.

Leslie Eliet

“Walking (Ink) Meditation Part IV: The Bridge of Becoming”: artist books, prints and sketches

In this exhibition, Eliet shows a set of books and4 prints that combine etching, monoprint, ink and watercolor on paper. This series of lyrical abstractions is based on weather and landscape and comments on the annual cyclical transformations that resonate in the imagination.

Gabriele Peitsch

“Recent Works”: installation

Pietsch’s installation highlights a series of suspended sculptures responsive to air currents and viewer interaction. The mixed-media structures are open framework in space. The gestural quality of the sculptures combined with Pietsch’s intuitive method of construction produce a form of three-dimensional drawing.

ARC Members’ Show 2002

ARC Gallery members come together in this group exhibition to show their recent work.