Jill Downen

“Rubber Wall”: installation

Downen1s installation focuses on a 1965 linoleum floor pattern and its intricate, arabesque design. Made from hand-cut inner tubes and sheet rubber, the pattern climbs the wall, twisting, tangling and de-constructing its own logic into sinister, visual poetry. The work combines the artist1s memories of her childhood home with ideas of the symbiotic relationship between architecture and the human body.

Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center (MDAC) Artists

Little City Art Show Sale Shop: installation

The Little City Art Show Sale Shop is a collaborative installation of wearable objects designed by the artists of Little City Foundation’s Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center. The installation plays with the notion of spectator and consumer, encouraging visitors to rummage, try on, and view the items in relation to themselves. Through borrowing from retail display systems, such as shelves, racks and mirrors, everything in the Shop can be moved around, tried on, left out, or put back for someone else to experience anew.

Cristina Biaggi

Re-turning: installation: terra cotta clay & cloth

Images of the Dark Goddess have been a recurring theme in Biaggi’s work over the past twenty years. Re-turning is an installation that presents historical and interpretive images of the Goddess using the inverted double spiral or oculi/owl motif, which most commonly portrays her Goddess of Death aspect.

Gallery 10, Ltd. Exchange

scrolls in various media

Members of Gallery 10, Ltd., an artists cooperative in Washington, DC, present this exhibition of scrolls in various media. Their artwork presents modern and personalized interpretations of this ancient format.

There is a simultaneous show of ARC Gallery artists at Gallery 10, Ltd, located at 1519 W Conneticut Avenue N. W., Washington,  D.C.  20036-1115,  (202) 232-3326.