“ARC Artists in Japan”

In September 2001, seven artists affiliated with ARC Gallery traveled to Japan as part of a 3-week art residency. This exhibition documents their experience and features some of the artwork produced during their stay.

Participating artists:  Janet Pines Bender, Diane Calder, Laura Cloud, Erin Culton, Iris Goldstein, Ralitza Vladimirov, and Chiyeko Yuki.

Image by Chiyeko Yuki

Eden Stern

“Inner Child”: pulp-paintings

Eden Stern’s childlike images are whimsical but have undercurrents of more complex themes. Her use of pulp is colorful and textural, thus creating additional depth to the material.

Jenifer Fogarty

“Out of Breath”: mixed media paintings and artist books

Fogarty’s new work features intuitive explorations in collage, oil, and encaustic paintings, along with a selection of artist books.

“Extra Extras! ” A Pre-Spring Cleaning Art Sale”

Salon-style fundraiser

Due to its success last month, “Extras” is continuing into March. Artists have “cleaned out” their studios to participate in this salon-style fundraiser for ARC. All works will be priced at $150 or less. Half of the proceeds go to the gallery and the other half to the artist.

Juhl Wojahn

Kathleen Dugan

Autism Colors this World: paintings and drawings

The portraiture shown in this exhibition presents the view of a woman – artist, wife and a mother of twins – and how she copes with the parenting of an autistic child. Art historical references are visible within the work along with references to fairy tales and stories from the bible. The painted fantasy realm created is one of ambiguity and contradiction and illustrates the feelings parents encounter in raising children with autism: the joy and sorrow, the clarity and the confusion, the accomplishment and frustration.