Women’s Caucus for Art, Chicago Chapter

WCA’s Midwest Regional Juried Exhibtion

Participating artists: Cornelia Babbitt, Mary-Glynn Boies, Paul Clark, Ellen Deutsch, Beatrice Fisher, Krista Genovese, Byron Gin, Judith Joseph, Judy Langston, Gina Litherland, Dale Osterle, Bonnie Peterson, Judith Prisoc, Judith Roth, Marie Samuel, Alice Sharie Revelski, Sharon Swidler, and Saudia Wadud

Heather Holdt and Sabrina Simmons

“Untitled Intimacy Project #2,” video

Constanza Escabi

“Freedom from Fear,” pencil drawings and poetry

A Mexican born artist, this is Escabi’s debut in a solo show at ARC. The artwork reflects the impact that the 9/11/01 tragedy had on the artist. Escabi would like to dedicate this exhibit to the families and victims of the attack.

Amy J. Jahnke

“The End and the Beginning,”  mixed media

Jahnke’s mixed media work explores and reflects upon nature and its interrelationship with the mortal and urban human condition. With the use of found objects, natural materials and other elements, Jahnke’s melding of both traditional and contemporary media conveys a sense of chaos and despair, while examining the roots of life, influence and existence.

Jeff Beebe

“Married to the Sea,”  mixed media works on paper

Beebe’s current exhibition is a visual epic and mythological cycle based around Dilas, the spindly-limbed, nude figure central to most of his drawings. Married to the Seaplumbs the indecipherable depths of our yearnings and fears, and charts the awkward waters where our expectations and reality meet.

“Extras! A Pre-Spring Cleaning Art Sale”

Salon-style fundraiser

Artists will “clean out” their studios to participate in this salon-style fundraiser for ARC. All works will be priced at $150 or less. Half of the proceeds will go to the gallery ,and the other half will go to the artist.

Monica Bauer

“New Works,”  acrylic and oil paintings

This exhibit features new works which use images taken from popular culture to examine the function of corporate-created toys, and to question the role of these playthings in the unconscious, especially their potential effect on young minds: the corporate branding of childhood. Includes paintings in acrylic and oil; several works were completed with funding from a Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs CAAP grant.