Art Skills 2001, Summer Fantasy – Mural.

Photos and sketches will be on display of the 2001 mural project for the Evanston Township Summer Youth Employment Outreach Program, Art Skills division.

Edgar Serrano

Yo Serrano: drawings and collage, mixed media

Hua Nian

Spirit Houses: paintings works on paper, ceramics

Nian’s houses are relics and symbols of the human tragedy – the dead and forgotten past – that makes us what we are today.

Paco Rosick

Black Slash: paintings

ARC Affiliate Members’ Show 2002

Nancy Bechtol, Ellen Deutsch, Anne Gaines, Susan Mart, Renee McGinnis, and Pamela Staker

ARC Affiliate Members come together in this group show to exhibit their recent work.



Image by Pamela Staker