Carolyne King

Show ran from 11/1/2001 to 11/24/2001

mixed media paintings

Recent works

Cindy Rehm

Show ran from 11/1/2001 to 11/24/2001

“Private Action,”  “Suture and Interior,”  video works

These video works continue the artist’s exploration of the body as a site for memory and desire. They grow from solitary actions which are enacted for the eye of the camera. The videos possess erotic and emotive qualities which are revealed through tactile manipulations and repetitive actions.

“Nature in Focus”

Show ran from 11/1/2001 to 11/24/2001

silver gelatin photographs

Seven under-served inner city youth make silver gelatin photographs of their urban environment. Sponsored by the Marwen Foundation.

Jennifer Rosenfeld

Show ran from 11/1/2001 to 11/24/2001

“Housing,” oil paintings

How does one make a home in an unfamiliar environment? Can a home be defined simply as shelter, or are there ephemeral components as well? These are the questions explored in Housing, a series of oil paintings on canvas and wood panel by urban landscape painter Jennifer Rosenfeld. In her latest works to date, Rosenfeld creates her own habitat within sweeps of intensely saturated color, which she interrupts with plays of line, shapes concentrated fields of even deeper pigment. Essential architectural and interior forms are influenced and contrasted with an environmental response to regional light changes, while alien space becomes personalized in these lush and invocative paintings.

“ARC Invites…”

Show ran from 11/1/2001 to 11/24/2001

An exhibition of artists invited by ARC members

Participating artists: Raeanne Collins, Keith Cooper, Lindsay Delee, Kris Dodd, Donna Katz, and Donna Rhae Marder

RedHead Gallery Exchange

Show ran from 11/1/2001 to 11/24/2001

Members of this Toronto, Canada gallery display their work as part of an exchange show with ARC Gallery.