Ann Arbor Women Artists

Show ran from 10/3/2001 to 10/27/2001

5th Anniversary Exhibition, mixed media.

The Ann Arbor Women Artists were organized in October, 1951, by a group of 17 women. As they celebrate their 50th Anniversary, the group has grown to over 230 women. Monthly activities include lectures, demonstrations, workshops, life drawing groups, and critiques. Members exhibit regularly in galleries, art fairs, and exhibitions locally, throughout the Midwest and Nationally. Diversity, camaraderie, talent, excitement and energy describe this group of outstanding women artists.

Michele Stutts

Show ran from 10/3/2001 to 10/27/2001

On the Mend, mixed media.

Evidence of a personal reconstruction expressed through 2-D and 3-D dimensional mixed-media work. Using fragmented objects conceptually assembled to give birth to new forms.

Pat Otto

Show ran from 10/3/2001 to 10/27/2001

Wax Works: Encaustic Paintings & Sculptures.

With Wax Works, Patricia Otto shows encaustic paintings that move into sculptural forms depicting portraits, figures and mythological creatures. Using melted beeswax with oil painted glazes, Otto creates a deep, luxurioUs space and texture in her figurative images on pieces of assembled driftwood, which vary in size from 4 inches to 8 feet.

Sapphire and Crystals Collective of African American Women Artists

Show ran from 10/3/2001 to 10/27/2001

Goddesses, Mentors, and Other Heroes, mixed media.

The artists will explore the people, places or things that have influenced their art over the years. The works will be both two and three-dimensional and will include a variety of styles and media. The traditional self-portrait/silent auction component of the exhibition will be up all month.

Piecing a Quilt of Life

Show ran from 10/3/2001 to 10/27/2001

Piecing a Quilt of Life: Wise Women and the Second Fifty Years, quilt art.

Piecing a Quilt of Life is a grass roots project documenting the stories of women quilt artists over the age of fifty. Exhibits, articles, book, video, website and newsletters are showcasing these women’s works and wisdom to stimulate possibilities for our culture as we search for deeper meaning in our lives and alternative ways of aging. The video being shown in the Media Room is Co-Produced with South Carolina Educational Television.

“A Brief History of ARC”

Show ran from 10/3/2001 to 10/27/2001

An informative visual history of ARC Gallery created by the its members.