Lisa Boumstein-Smalley

Show ran from 9/5/2001 to 9/29/2001

Skin Embroidery, video installation.

This installation piece examines the closeness of the character Lulu, conceived and developed in the years from 1998 to 2000, to my own character. Sewing her name into the palm of my hand and quickly removing the thread leaves a memory of my investigations into Lulu, and questions the difference between made materials and skin, which for the viewer can open discussions of linked histories-visual cycles, of the life of skin art, of the secret and public.

Chicago Center for a Creative Culture

Show ran from 9/5/2001 to 9/29/2001

Creative Connection (A multicultural exhibition of artwork created by children at the Mancel Talcott Elementary School), mixed media, video.

The mission of the Chicago Center for a Creative Culture is to create opportunities for children in diverse communities to use the art making process to express who they are, to explore diversity in their lives, and to share their experiences with the community. Creative Connection is an outreach program that brings these art-based experiences to children in Chicago schools. The artwork created by participants in the summer 2001 Creative Connection program will be exhibited in the Special Events Gallery, and a video documentation of the children’s creative process will also be shown.

Brian J. Sullivan

Show ran from 9/5/2001 to 9/29/2001

Childhood Memories, paintings.

Mr. Sullivan’s large oil paintings explore the issues of childhood memories as an adult. His use of playful imagery seduces and draws one in. Once captivated, one becomes more aware of the disturbing reality and the strange juxtaposition between the elements of the painting.

Michael Rodemer

Show ran from 9/5/2001 to 9/29/2001

Space to Live, Space to Die, computer-coordinated kinetic sculpture.

Growing into life involves an expansion of the space, physical and conceptual, to which one lays claim in the world, while dying out of the world may partly be the opposite process: a drawing in upon the self, certainly physically, perhaps in the range of our concerns as well. The artwork attempts to find a sculptural metaphor for these processes that may be experienced on a visceral level as one’s own body is confronted with, or even enveloped by, the expanding and contracting sculpture. A brief computer animation of the work is available at

Gedock Gallery Exchange Show

Show ran from 9/5/2001 to 9/29/2001

Artwork by members of Gedock Gallery in Hamburg, Germany as part of an exchange with ARC Gallery members’ artwork at their gallery.