Keli Lemoi

Show ran from 7/5/2001 to 7/28/2001

Untitled Self-Portraits, photography.

These large black and white ink jet prints represent a recent investigation into self-portraiture. Playing with the ideas of voyeurism and the subject/viewer relationship, Lemoi uses size and scale to manipulate her audience.

Yoshie Suzuki

Show ran from 7/5/2001 to 7/28/2001

Vital X: Kissing Project Chicago 1999-2000, video.

Vital X: Kissing Project is a video documentation of an ongoing project in which the artist asks strangers to kiss her passionately. Suzuki says she marks foreign cityscapes with intimate kisses in much the same way a dog marks its territory with urination. Using her body as a medium of experimentation and as a battlefield, Suzuki explores the blatant exploitation of the human body and sexuality in our culture.

“Multiple Faces: Masks, Photographs & Self-Portraits”

Show ran from 7/5/2001 to 7/28/2001

This exhibit celebrates student work from three Chicago elementary schools: Ruiz, Reinberg, and Spry.

Art Resources in Teaching (A.R.T.) provides exemplary visual arts education programs for students in Chicago elementary schools. Professional artists establish connections between academic subjects and the visual arts through lively discussion, slide presentations and hands-on projects. Children develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, while engaged in challenging hands-on activities.

Matt Croteau

Show ran from 7/5/2001 to 7/28/2001

The Flesh in Rebellion, sculpture.

The focus of Croteau’s work is the evolution of self. His sculptures depict the tentative steps in this journey by showing the tenuous relationship between spirit and flesh. His work deals with powerful emotions such as anguish, fear, frustration, and rage, because through these emotions lies the way to transformation of self. These pieces rivet the attention with a stark aesthetic beauty while mining their way into the viewer’s soul.

Gilda Oliver

Show ran from 7/5/2001 to 7/28/2001

Spirit Stones, sculpture and painting.

Internationally recognized artist Gilda Oliver dedicates every show to a famous poet by picking a poem and fully illustrating it with ceramic and latex sculptures as well as with huge paintings of the poet and related subjects. Poet Tom Krampf will perform a live poetry reading at the opening of Spirit Stones.

“National I” Juried Exhibition

Show ran from 7/5/2001 to 7/28/2001

ARC is proud to have Brian Byrn jury our first national show, in which artists from around the country will participate. Mr. Byrn is Curator of Exhibitions and Education at the Midwest Museum of American Art in Elkhart, Indiana.