Kristina Gosh

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

Star Spangled Bunny, textile.

Gosh’s recent work is a visual commentary on the current infiltration of sex into politics.

Meg Duguid

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

Meg Duguid, Fought 2000, video installation.

This six-channel video installation is a documentation of last year’s Fight 2000, an audience participatory performance series focused on tile childhood act of play fighting. Duguid’s piece includes, among other things, Cake Fight 2000, Pumpkin Fight 2000, Thanksgiving Fight 2000, and Pillow Fight 2000 with the song, “Do the Pillow Fight,” by Descendro Allege

Laura Chessin

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

Images of Safety, photography, digital prints, text.

Chessin’s show is an invitation to look at what defines safety in the context of a safe shelter for domestic violence. Expressive imagery is meant to illustrate and support text contributed from women around the U.S.

Women Photographers’ Collective

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

“Seeing in the Dark,” photography by Corinne Martin Diop, Rebecca Silberman, Metinda Trout LeBlanc

Personal revelation is the common thread running through these images by the Women Photographers’ Collective. Diop’s collaged and richly hand painted urbanscapes show the complex connection between our imprinted environment and us. Silberman’s distorted tintypes made with a pinhole camera recreate a narrative of confinement. LeBlanc’s black and white images, often coupled with text, appear like projections that candidly journalize the experience of grieving.

Nancy Bechtol

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

Bechtol and Garvey’s dark, humorous and mind-bending visions transform this space into a radiant dreamscape. Music, energy and interaction conduct the viewer through life’s passages to the “ultimate destination.”

Nancy Bechtol,  FREAKS: viruses, trojans and other variants, digital photography and experimental VideoCD movies with original art audio. Spontaneous performance with electricity passing through her body to light bulbs and zap the audience, for those who wish to engage. Bechtol was recently accepted into the permanent collection of the Illinois State Museum for a collaborative videoart work with EmjayZee, Menominee Indian Poet, from a curated exhibition at the Illinois Art Gallery, Chicago.

Frank Garvey,  EROSambo, painting, sculpture, digital art and performance. Special one night performance event: June 1st, 2001, Friday,at 8:30 pm. The traveling OmniCircus show, EROShambo, is an innovative performance event, with live music, humans and amazing robotic actors together in performance. Combined with digital imaging techniques, this show forms a unique high-tech industrial-surrealist experience

Darren Francis McManus

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

Darren Francis McManus, MAZZARDMAN presents ICONOGRAPHIC IMPORTS, mixed media.

This show can be viewed as a collection of artifacts taken from a distant place and time. Possessing strong tactile attributes and vibrant colors, these mixed-media works emit a tremendous unearthly energy and aura of timelessness. Through bold compositions and clever imagery, McManus transforms the mundane into the bizarre while introducing an ecclectic cast that engages the imagination

Lynnette Ojeda Mohill

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

Lynnette Ojeda Mohill, PRESSURE, painting.

In her acrylic paintings on canvas, Mohill uses the activity of doing laundry as a metaphor for conformity. By portraying human figures as laundry, the artist explores how our uniqueness is challenged, and how we often strive to present ourselves to the world in ways we think the world wants us to appear. The “pressure” of this internal dilemma is the subject of this show.

Gabriele Stich

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

Gabriele Stich, Paintings for the Inner Eye painting and mixed media.

Stich is an abstract painter from Duesseldorf, Germany. Her paintings, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, are resolutely anti-figurative abstractions, blending form and content to create space for personal interpretation.


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