Generation “D”/igital. “true”

Show ran from 5/2/2001 to 5/26/2001

New works by 8 Gen “D” multimedia artists including: Teresa Krause, Matt Gilbert, Sebastian Hernandez, Eduardo Moreno, Roberto Luque, Matt Lindsey, Maya Kalabic, Jakub Haczkvwick.

Short works shown on Video CD, made for CD-ROM, Web and interactive media, shown here as “mini-movies” and animations. Get a view from inside the wild minds of the ‘digital generation’ -hot off the CD burner..

Women of the House of the Good Shepherd

Show ran from 5/2/2001 to 5/26/2001


One of the educational programs which ARC works with is the House of the Good Shepherd, a domestic violence survival program. FOIL is a five-month expressive therapy project designed especially for the clients of this program. In individual and group settings, these clients have explored the use of aluminum foil as an expressive medium.

Pamela Staker

Show ran from 5/2/2001 to 5/26/2001

Precarious Relationships,  mixed media

Unusual material combinations together with gourds, crutches and water spigots typify the mixed media and sculptural work of Chicago artist Pamela Staker. Through a documentary process of photographing, painting, manipulating and re-inventing these objects as 2-dimensional images, the artist’s recent work creates an abstract narrative that yields an enigmatic quality not found in the original object. After ridding the work of all 3-dimensional remnants, the artist often re-introduces an altered object to set off an uneasy relationship and the circle of the process continues. Says Staker, “I have always been preoccupied with combining sculpture and painting. The precariousness and difficulty with which the two can co-exist is of constant interest to me.”

Tom Block

Show ran from 5/2/2001 to 5/26/2001

Paintings from the Baal Shem Tov,  painting

Block uses the legends of this eighteenth-century Jewish mystic as inspiration. This series of paintings captures the joyousness of the Baal Shem Tov’s mysticism as well as the legends that he engendered. Each painting is based on a particular story. First, Block develops a group of images relevant to the legend through working on dozens of preliminary sketches. He then weaves these images together into an abstract painting, thereby using his own vibrant contemporary visual language to represent the intention of the great sage’s instruction.

ARC Members’ Show 2001

Show ran from 5/2/2001 to 5/26/2001

The work in this show reflects the vitality and variety of the artists who make up ARC Gallery. We are dedicated, not simply to making our own artwork, but to providing Chicago with a place where local as well as international artists–from the emerging to the well established–can show their work in an alternative to the commercial gallery setting. Our Members’ Show is an opportunity for us to share our own artwork with the community.