Chiyeko Yuki

4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001


Scott Townsend

Show ran from 4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001

ÒinterstateÓ, interactive video installation.

In this work, a video projection of a house in a landscape combined with the viewer’s interaction in the virtual space of its interior acts as an entry-point to groups of text and images. In these texts, the idea of crossing borders is explored, which touches upon the very real global dilemma of the economic or political refugee. While the texts are taken from real life stories, the anecdotes begin to cross between documentary and fiction.

Robert Egan

Show ran from 4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001

So Many Roads to Ease my Soul: An artist’s tribute to Jerry Garcia,  etchings and paintings.

Egan uses text and image with warm and cool colors to express emotional and philosophical intonations. Using mememto mori, he extracts lyrics and music of the Grateful Dead to personify his oil paintings and copper-plate etchings. The femme fatale and the symbolic use of figurative images are also included.

Jeremi Bialowas

Show ran from 4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001

Darker Light,  photography.

In this recent work Bialowas explores love, solitude and intimate relationships as well as the emotions of dreams and nightmares associated with these themes.

Elizabeth Coyne

Show ran from 4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001

Map of Me,  paintings

Coyne’s recent paintings investigate life’s simple intimacies and subtle intricacies-the interrelationship of inner life and the outside world. Her work maps the inward tapestries and the imaginary texture of being and existing, both tangible and intangible.

Diana Jacobs

Show ran from 4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001

Solar Litany,  etchings.

Jacobs says, “Travelling through Egypt was an awesome experience. The people, the pyramids, the heat of the desert, the artifacts were all amazing, but it was the immensity of the time that finally overshadowed all else.” These etchings, based on photographs Jacobs took during her visit, are her expression of these elements: heat and light, sand and architecture, and timelessness.

Mike Hanson

Show ran from 4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001

Beautyrest,  installation.

This installation features Hansen’s quintessential hybrid structures that are mute objects and symbols of desire. Released from the conventions of sculpture and painting, they exist completely in neither two dimensions nor three dimensions. Wrapped in discarded and found mattress ticking, Hansen questions how comfort is sold, examined and portrayed through television advertising. In the mattresses’ anthromorphic stains, the spoils of everyday life, and the distortion of the structures reflecting back on us like images in a carnival fun-house mirror, Beautyrest manifests a playful hostility that places our view of comfort at odds with our perceptions.

Miki Baird

Show ran from 4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001

Recent Work,  sculpture.

Miki A. Baird likens her use of bodies out of order to a foray with an injunction-disembodied segments of the female human form subvert our expectations of what natural order should be. Her work is full of questions about the propagation of perceptions and belief systems, objectification and commodification, as well as the idea of complicity. “Piles of Rubber,” consisting of layers of black polyurethane rubber, concentrates on the use of replication and accumulation in reconstructing a new framework from the old. Baird refers to her work as absurd and ungainly and suggests that it is probably more about what we don’t know about ourselves than what we do. A close look will reveal that the message is in the layers.