Johanna Silva

Show ran from 3/1/2001 to 3/24/2004


Bill Creston

Show ran from 3/1/2001 to 3/24/2001

He Stole My Gun, film.

A passerby finds a scarf. He tries to find a bum who needs one. The bum he finds has other problems.

Erin Culton

Show ran from 3/1/2001 to 3/24/2001

Specific Generalities, photography and screenprint.

This show is a compilation of images that explore the increasing desensitization of our society to violence, nature, beauty, and technology. The prints invoke definite emotions and sensations while the imagery remains ambiguous.

Ben Bellas

Show ran from 3/1/2001 to 3/24/2001

something really abstract about the equinox, mixed media installation.

This installation is concerned with death and rebirth as well as with decay and growth; and the work explores these issues as they are found in our daily lives. This exploration is reflected in parts of the installation which will be subject to growth and decay throughout the period of its exhibition.

Ben Borter & Jonathan Stein

Show ran from 3/1/2001 to 3/24/2001

Qualms, painting

“Qualms” is a two-person show dealing with the repercussions of painting without thinking, or with thinking too much. Cold calculating acts or impulsive reactions? Should there be a reason to regret either? Details to discern: Jonathan Stein’s paintings on wood infuse imagery with poetry in “take a couple; do something to them, do something else (a couple of ideas + -).” Benjamin Borter’s paintings on canvas show a general need to make all of his work in one grand night of performance, or at the last minute, depending on how you look at it.

Twelve artists from Amos Eno Gallery

Show ran from 3/1/2001 to 3/24/2001

various media

ARC hosts works of the members of Amos Eno Gallery, a women’s cooperative gallery in New York City.