Iris Goldstein

Show ran from 11/1/2000 to 11/25/2000

New Work, sculpture

Iris Goldstein shows new work in painted plaster-relief sculpture which continues to explore her interest in the relationship between three-dimensional form and the intricacies of its surface.

Kevin Kaempf

Show ran from 11/1/2000 to 11/25/2000

Tidbit: Sampled Behavior Patterns from Latenight Monologues, video.

This is a single-channel video and audio piece. Using a week’s worth of television footage from the monologue portions of David Letterman’s and Jay Leno’s television programs, the two talkshow hosts are paired on a single split screen delivering their commentary. With their actual speech edited out, sporadic laugh tracks and similar body gestures create a subtle visual and audio pattern as a point of comparison.


Johanna Silva

Show ran from 11/1/2000 to 11/25/2000

Breathing Room, installation

In this installation the artist creates a meditative space with the gallery.

Benny Alba

Show ran from 11/1/2000 to 11/25/2000

Northwards with Benny Alba, prints

Contemporary California artist Benny Alba’s driving trip through Canada into Alaska brings landscapes of silver lakes and skies, black mountains and windy vistas to ARC Gallery. Illusions of deceptively simple prints balance dark mountains and shimmering silver waters. Benny Alba will attend the reception on Friday, November 3, probably in a cow costume. Alba’s works are in national and international collections, including nine museums.

Anne Farley Gaines

Show ran from 11/1/2000 to 11/25/2000

Landscapes, Portraits, and a Touch of Fantasy, watercolor and mixed media

Gaines works in both a traditional on-location mode in her landscape and portrait work and also in a three-dimensional manner in which the paper is virtually “vivisected” and re-attached in varying layers to a firmer surface. This method of working enables the artist to infuse abstraction into her compositions and can allow the viewer more access to the complexity of her thoughts in regard to the balancing of the spiritual with the physical.

Ryan Zoghlin

Show ran from 11/1/2000 to 11/25/2000

Modern Ruins, photography

Although he takes photographs of the landscape, Zoghlin is not interested in capturing breathtaking views of natural beauty. On the contrary, he often notices the unseemly aspects of America-an oil refinery in Indiana, a defunct nuclear power plant in Washington, or abandoned oil wells in Texas. Zoghlin photographs these sites because they are the marks made by human technology on the landscape. He wants to make us aware of the vast influence of the industrail age on the country’s land, for better or for worse.

Elemental Lexicon

Show ran from 11/1/2000 to 11/25/2000

Elemental Lexicon – Driven by shadows, drawn by the light, mixed media

Featuring work by: Ralitza Vladimirov, Laura Lencioni, Jeremy McGuire, Kat Zorko

In these paintings, drawings and sculptures you see many different graphic languages, personal visual lexicons which, when translated, speak to that same striving for the mysterious, elemental and all-inclusive Other. Both universal and personal, this is the essence of iconographic art.