Kristina Gosh

Show ran from 10/4/2000 to 10/29/2000

Stan Bhellanbarger & Dutes Miler

Show ran from 10/4/2000 to 10/29/2000

Sunburis, video

During this 33-minute performance the artists stand in a stationary embrace between two tanning lights.  They remain in the embrace until their backs become sunburned and red. The areas of skin covered by each other’s bodies remain unaffected by the lights, producing a visible document of the activity.


Show ran from 10/4/2000 to 10/29/2000

Ju-Nam, video installation

Featuring work by: Pavel Godoy, Nicholas Heaton, Brandy Heaton, Mia Alfonso, Eden Muralles and Cesar Sanchez

“Ju-Nam” in the Maya-Quiche language means “all together.” Ju-Nam is an experimental video piece exploring the issues surrounding five urban native youth and what roads they are choosing for themselves. They speak out on what it takes to maintain their identities, what it means to be “Indian” or “indio” in a place where it is easier to assimilate into the mainstream. In “Jun-Nam” they declare their sovereignty as a people of may nations with words and images exploring the critical answers they are seeking to their questions and their lives.  This project is a part of the Illinois Art Gallery’s “Electronic Fields: Many Voices” exhibition. ARC Gallery and the American Indian Center are two off-site exhibitions which are part of the exhibition.

Tanya Hartman

Show ran from 10/4/2000 to 10/29/2000

Words and Pictures, mixed media on paper

This exhibition presents two ongoing series of small works on paper.  Each series addresses the brutality and enchantment that   coexist within the family. “From the Nursery,” uses watercolor, stitching, gouache and fabric, while “Words and Pictures,” uses pen and ink on paper with collage and stitching. Sexuality and yearning, deception and infancy provide a unifying theme that runs through both series of works.

Betsyann Duval

Show ran from 10/4/2000 to 10/29/2000

Memory Stories, mixed media installations

“Duval’s work sets her space coiling and  looping with unfurling scrolls of silk and rice paper.  Over each she paints images, gestures, hieroglyphs, playing up the translucence of her material.  The environment feels magical, with bits of stories flying everywhere, crawling around the wall and fluttering overhead.” -Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe.

Mario Flores Urban

Show ran from 10/4/2000 to 10/29/2000

Spontaneous Remissions: Overcoming Adversity and Despair through Art, oil paintings

Janet Pines Bender

Show ran from 10/4/2000 to 10/29/2000

re: marks and moves, abstract paintings and drawings

The title refers to Pines Bender’s continuing use of Zen calligraphic meditations, as in the ongoing “Sai Hojai” series, as well as to her return to an involvement with “process painting.”  The work retains her consistent involvement with layers of memory, mark making, images of flight, and movement, especially the myth of Icarus.  The sense of movement recalls dance; but also recalls the recent move of her studio and ARC Gallery.