Dawn Brennan

Show ran from 9/6/2000 to 9/30/2000


Sarah Conaway

Show ran from 9/6/2000 to 9/30/2000

Family Portrait, video

The family portrait video is an exploration of family resemblance. When confronted with a brother and sister as two immobile male and female clones, the viewer continues looking at this extension of the photographic moment, noticing the similarities and dissimilarities brought about by the duration of the camera’s gaze. Perhaps as subjects, we are waiting for the definitive portrait that never comes.

The Women of Apna Ghar (Our Home)

Show ran from 9/6/2000 to 9/30/2000

Revelation/Revolution: a Multicultural Art Exhibition on Power, Violence & Relationships, mixed media drawings and paintings

Apna Ghar’s mission is to provide multilingual, multicultural, comprehensive services to families seeking shelter and protection from domestic violence. With courage, beauty and strength, the women of Apna Ghar use art to transform memories of hardship into forms of color and texture that bridge the language barrier with power and insight.

Tern Foster

Show ran from 9/6/2000 to 9/30/2000

Mixed Blessings, mixed media paintings

Ms. Foster’s exhibition explores the beauty inherent in food commodities we consume and dispose of each day. Coffee beans, tea bags, corn and rice along with paper, fabric, hair and thread become characters in her abstract tales. Traditional painting mediums have a place, too, when combined with oil, coffee, resin and wax. The passage of time, memory, loss and cultural convergence are all evoked by these seemingly simple works of art.

Denise Dietz, Nathan Mason, & Ron Grenko

Show ran from 9/6/2000 to 9/30/2000

Here! Now Look, conceptual works

This exhibition offers three different points of conceptualism whose visions are thrown out there for those who are in the least bit curious to unwrap, play with, kick around, and think about.

Seven Chicago Based Artists

Show ran from 9/6/2000 to 9/30/2000

Intonations, an exhibition curated by Chicago art critic, John Brunetti

Works by Robert Bridges, Kevin Heppner, Jay Lefor, Scott Short, Shona Macdonald, Brian Willey, and Dann Witczak. These artists share a sensibility for producing beguiling visual chants through methodical and idiosyncratic processes of drawing, collage, painting and installation. “Intonations” refers to the way pitch is used as an element of meaning in language. For these artists, eliciting subtle and shifting inflections from seemingly identical forms, shapes, lines, textures, and colors, is the cornerstone for developing a compelling visual matrix of evolving perceptions from the deceptive uniformity of repetition.