Marie Arhontas

Show ran from 6/1/2000 to 6/24/2000

Speak Sleeping Beauty, watercolors

For Arhontas, painting is a way to show what’s going on inside her. When a book is left out in the rain, it no longer opens, its cover dries stiff and pages melt. She remembers some of the words, but a gag only lets her mumble enough for the viewer to hear begging and pleading – imagine how she sees.

Melissa Christiano

Show ran from 6/1/2000 to 6/24/2000

Assemblages, sculpture

Susan Mart, Ellen Deutsch, Margot Gottfried

Show ran from 6/1/2000 to 6/24/2000

Nothing In Common – You Be The Judge, sculpture and drawings

In this group show, three different artists use different media to express their personal themes. Gottfried, who works with galvanized steel and wood, deals with autobiographical material expressing her efforts to reconcile her past with the present. Deutsch uses needlepoint and mixed media to draw on past memories and frame internal spaces. Mart’s graphite drawings contain forms that fall, accumulate, interweave and twirl, evolving into sculptural shapes.

Jenifer Fogarty

Show ran from 6/1/2000 to 6/24/2000

Carriage, collage, oil on canvas, encaustics, artists’ books

Fogarty uses painting, collage, small sculptures and artists’ books to explore themes of identity, memory, dreams and life encounters. Her books serve as small interactive paintings, which can be handled and felt. Striving to universalize the common experiences of pain, love, lust, desire, hope, joy, sadness and loss in uncommon ways,Carriage serves to represent the various human vehicles in which we all carry our baggage.

Holly Collins

Show ran from 6/1/2000 to 6/24/2000

Fragments: Abstractions from the Sea, mixed media on paper

Collins’ work is inspired by broken seashells from her Florida Coast. The abstract images are built up from layers of line patterns and textures where hidden colors emerge out of the predominantly neutral tones.

Renee McGinnis

Show ran from 6/1/2000 to 6/24/2000

Human Behavior and Potential (Primates Entering Technodom), painting

McGinnis’ allegorical oil paintings communicate human behavior on a metaphysical level. Her figurative work can be described as realism embedded in surrealism – addressing our people, times, triumphs, tragedies, hopes, and how these conditions consistently co-exist. We may also see these paintings as beautiful, gentle warnings to humanity.

Julia M.Hechtman

Show ran from 6/1/2000 to 6/24/2000

Twenty Dollars, video

In this video piece, Hechtman confronts issues of expectation and excitement as brought about by the thousands of visual images the average American citizen is exposed to everyday from popular media. These images, which end up governing our daily lives, suggest that success and the possession of material goods are equivalent to happiness, but which it does not achieve.

Maki Hajikanol

Show ran from 6/1/2000 to 6/24/2000

Undelivered Gift, installation

Hajikano creates installations using everyday objects or items which are familiar to people. The notions of absence and presence has been part of her main conceptual concern in art-making. In Undelivered Gift, she expresses her untold thoughts and feelings. In this piece, she uses steel and glass boxes inside of which are these thoughts and feelings which are never expressed in words – they are a like a gift which are never given.