Catherine Angel

Show ran from 5/2/2000 to 5/27/2000

To Embrace, mixed media photo collage

In this show, Angel uses a mixed media photo collage technique incorporating gouache and gold leaf to create a rich, heavily textured motif. Her exhibit uses the interaction of text and images to reflect on her survival of ovarian cancer. Angel is in search of a sense of self to give unity to the fragmented body, both literal and metaphorical, knowing all the while that this sense of self can only be tentative. Ms. Angel’s photo-collages have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States.

Rena Leinberger

Show ran from 4/1/2000 to 4/29/2000

Outside Poetics

Outside Poetics explores the vulnerability of language. Her writing is a temporal and fragile experience, relying on physical sensations of the body in relation to materials and the space it occupies. As the language is opened or encountered, texts are diminished, altered, and sometimes allowed to remain. This exhibit is the culmination of Ren’s involvement with ARC Gallery as a Scholarship Member.

Yuri A

Show ran from 5/2/2000 to 5/27/2000

P, video

P explores a single theme: excrements, babies, worms and flies guide us through a compilation of facts and theories, approaching a theme often regarded as disgusting, in a meaningful and pleasant way.

Jennifer Schmidt

Show ran from 5/2/2000 to 5/27/2000

Living, Space, installation

In this installation, Schmidt works with themes surrounding concepts of home, place, and individuality, as experienced in American culture. By giving sentimental importance to common household objects and building materials through touch and placement, she wishes to question the material nature of what is being created. The practical becomes secondary, allowing the aesthetic to function as meaning. Hopelessly inorganic, the value of the objects lie not in their condition, but in their potential to invoke admiration and curiosity from the viewer.

Debra Zlotsky

Show ran from 5/2/2000 to 5/27/2000

New Work, painting

Using imagery from historical and contemporary sources, Zlotsky creates eccentric still lifes that confuse the distant past with the immediate present. In her paintings on wood panels, murky, atmospheric spaces reveal theatrical situations between objects and figures. Layers of solvent and varnish erode, crack and submerge the imagery, adding to a sense of passage and transience, and producing a rich, tactile complexity.

Christine Nelson

Show ran from 5/2/2000 to 5/27/2000

Redress: black/white and read all over, mixed media & prints

This exhibition particularly looks at the contrasts which occur in our culture surrounding issues which are deemed socially significant for politicians and the people. The issues in question are either “black” or “white”. No gray areas exist to inform and individualize the choice. In this show, Nelson seeks to recreate the stark contrasts of issues in our culture today through use of only the colors black, white, and red. Words and images collide in this work to discuss the issues of sexual power, race relations and gender expectations that have been shaped by decades of post-industrial media messages.

MFA University of Iowa Graduate Show

Show ran from 5/2/2000 to 5/27/2000

New Art from the University of Iowa

New Art from the University of Iowa will contain works by recent Master of Fine Arts degree recipients, including Michelle Benoit, Jessica Fuller, Rebecca Roberts, Christopher Thomas, and David Tallitsch. The graduate students at the University of Iowa continue to explore traditional means such as figure painting and drawing, while also striving to invent the newest thing whether it is based in abstraction or installation. The diversity of the work reflects the various geographic backgrounds and styles of the university’s graduates.