Yosenia White

Show ran from 4/1/2000 to 4/29/2000

Hard to Ingest, video

This video creates a dialogue confronting issues of self-image and self-esteem as influenced by the dominating mainstream culture. Through the use of found objects and language, a young woman creates a message with saltine crackers and black cake icing that comments not only on the act of consumption, but also on how one is mentally and emotionally affected by what is actually being consumed.

Step by Step

Show ran from 4/1/2000 to 4/29/2000

Graciola Bustos, Fernando Calderon, Bertha Cohen, Ginka Ortega

In this installation, Graciola Bustos (Colombia), Fernando Calderon (Peru), Bertha Cohen (Brazil) and Ginka Ortega (Bulgaria) choose the shoe as a symbol of life’s journey from cradle to eternity exploring complex fields of philosophical ideas.

Gail Tanaka

Show ran from 4/1/2000 to 4/29/2000

Boxing Memories, installation of mixed media objects utilizing photography, found objects, and text

Boxing Memories explores intersections of time, mass culture, and personal history. As an Asian-American woman, Tanaka operates from the margins of America, mapping her family geography of immigration, assimilation, and internment. Artifacts and records of the personal and the popular interact within photo/textual contexts producing a new record of memory caught and boxed, of time passing through the visible.

Halide Salam

Show ran from 4/1/2000 to 4/29/2000

Breast Cancer Awareness Show

Show ran from 4/1/2000 to 4/29/2000

Breast Cancer Stories

Cancer is a horrible disease. It can affect the lives of millions of people all around the world, of any age. Cancer doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Regardless of your race, religion, gender, and sexuality, it can impact the life of anyone. Even if you haven’t suffered from this disease yourself, it is very likely that you will know someone who has either won the fight against cancer or knows someone who has lost a loved one.

Breast cancer is very common. The first notable symptom could be that you notice a lump or an area of thickened tissue in the breast. Some other symptoms include a lump or swelling in either of your armpits, a change in the size or shape of one or both breasts, as well as a change in the appearance of your nipple. As time goes on, you could find these problems to become very painful, and many have since decided to turn to alternative products, like those found at OrganicCBDNugs instead of normal medications in order to remain as pain-free and as relaxed as possible. Whilst it won’t take away all your stress and pain, it can make a significant difference.

People who are suffering from breast cancer may find solace to know that there are things that you can try to make your journey easier, such as looking for a disability insurance quote online in case you are required to take some time away from the workplace to attend treatment sessions and doctor’s appointments, as well as attending this show for more in-depth information. For this group show, there will be an interactive healing wall where visitors are invited to write and put up their stories, photos, any items of meaning, of breast cancer in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

A closing ceremony and celebratory ritual honoring those values and riches passed on to us by those warrior women and heroines who have battled and still combat this killing disease will be on Saturday, April 29, 2000 at 5:00 PM, including award winning poet Maureen Seaton and others.

Lorraine Simms

Show ran from 4/1/2000 to 4/29/2000

Shadow, mixed media collages

In this series of mixed media collages, Simms examines the phenomenon of the crowd in media representations. Her works incorporate fragments of images clipped from the newspapers or photographed directly from the television screen. Semi-transparent landscapes are painted directly over these images , creating a new imaginative space where concepts of the enduring and the ephemeral begin to haunt perceptions of the everyday.

Charlotte Segal

Show ran from 4/1/2000 to 4/29/2000

Fluidity, painting

Penetrating fingers of colored light transform the canvas into the illuminated fountains of Barcelona at Midnight, as shapes swell and recede in sync, to a mystical musical score. Segal’s digital prints, rendered on water color paper, are softly colored, composed of photographic fragments of a variety of images shot by the artist while traveling in Spain. These “photo-collages” include fountains–the theme that resonates through the exhibition.