Karmen Polydorou


a queer little show

Doug Bonner, Amy Butts, Pat E. Conaway, Joseph Ravens, Jo-Jo, & Gwynedd Tremblay

Blanket Art

Art by students from the Institute for Native American Development and American Indian Health Services.

Millenium Mélange

Art for the End of the Century

The Millenium Fusion Project


Responding to a call for artists for a Millenium Fusion Project artist Mark Genrich, Adelheid Mers, and Shuko Wada proposed a collaborative exhibition encompassing 39 layered installations by as many artist to be created in three phases in a gallery measuring 6380 cubic feet. The initial three artists will create a collaborative installation and have invited three artists each to create additional layers of installations. Each artist is asked to reference the entire space as well as the work already present in it. In turn the nine artists of phase 2 will invite 3 artists each. This third generation will then decide how to collaborate in the existing framework. Most of the invited artist will be emerging or established Chicago artists. During gallery hours as well as at three opening events the public is invited to view the progress of the continuously metamorphosing exhibition at RawSpace. Click on the above link to follow the progress of this show on-line.

Reception 1:
Friday, Dec. 3, 1999 (3 artists)

Reception 2:
Friday, Dec. 17, 1999 (9 additional artists)

Reception 3:
Friday, Jan. 14, 2000 (27 additional artists)

Margaret Catania

Houston, 2 cardboard boxes, a tin can phone line, 30 linear ft. of beach, some things discursive