Nicole Jacquard

The souvenir speaks to a context of origin through a language of longing, for it is not an object arising out of need or use value; it is an object arising out of the necessarily insatiable demands of nostalgia.[1]

Nicole Jacquard is an artist living and working in Bloomington, Indiana.

Within her work she is interested in exploring the themes of; the souvenir, ornamentation, memory, longing, and nostalgia associated with the collection of personal objects.  Nicole is interested in how ordinary everyday objects transcend the mundane through the association of memory thus becoming personal and precious.

Currently Nicole’s work is exploring her heritage of being part Native American.

Her work draws reference to objects that she has grown up with, objects that were hand made or mass produced but due to their limited use for special occasions, they became precious and personal with meaning. By employing the use of innovative technologies, including CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping, Nicole’s work also explores the ideas of what it means to be made by hand in contrast to mass production and the future of mass customization.

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