Ann O’Brien

Ann O’Brien is a Chicago artist who works in two-dimensions—primarily with paint. She embraces the challenge of recreating an observed object in line and color. That reflection may appear as photographic realism or, just as often, may be manipulated into something more evocative and abstracted.

She will begin with an “ordinary” object. Her challenge is to notice it, inspect it closely, find the nuances of color or shape and then recreate and enhance them in order to bring that same inspection to the viewer. As a result, her subjects are then made up of subtle variations. These common objects or places which are often overlooked, their irregularities and diversity, the bumps and holes on an aging, autumn plant, the varying expanses of color in a farm landscape, and the impression of speed or mechanics of a bicycle, become those reimagined objects.

Ann O’Brien’s website.


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