ARC Gallery is expanding its arts capacity.  While ARC will continue to show quality contemporary art in its main gallery area, it is looking to offer additional affordable options for artists who work in other mediums.  Artists with cutting edge ideas looking for affordable space are encouraged to explore these new opportunities at ARC.  All genders, ages, and ethnicities are welcome.  ARC is a women-run cooperative gallery committed to the support of emerging artists.

1.    RAW SPACE: Our new location on Chicago Avenue, ideally located near a number of other galleries, has a large, relatively undeveloped basement area which we plan to use as an “incubator space”—a site ideal for installations, assemblages, or performances.  Artists who are looking for an affordable space to transform for a month or two are encouraged to stop by the gallery to check out the space and discuss possibilities.

2.    TIME ARTS: ARC has identified a small portion of the gallery to be dedicated to the exhibition of video, sound, or animation pieces. Work will be looped on a monitor(s) and/or headphones, to be available during gallery hours for the entire month.

3.    PERFORMANCE ART:  The new gallery space has a stage!  Options for utilizing this part of the gallery include highlighting one or more performance artists at one of the openings, which occur every 4 weeks. Alternatively, a performance event featuring several, or longer, performance pieces could be arranged at other times.

Interested artists—either stop by the gallery (1463 W Chicago Ave) or email us at  You can submit a proposal with samples of your work if you would like to be considered for one of these options. Our exhibition committee reviews all work and will make a decision regarding acceptability and (depending on amount and time involved) will negotiate costs.