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Call for Entries:  mo-men-tum   A Performance Art Festival at ARC Gallery in August

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ARC is proud to present the 1st Annual Juried Performance Art Festival on Friday, August 25, 2017. It will be an exciting event with the entire gallery full of live performance art. ARC is seeking a wide range of performance art pieces.

The evening will showcase diverse performance art that will presented throughout the three-hour evening. ARC is expecting to have durational performances, on-going and timed performances throughout the night. There will be an event schedule posted in the gallery, on-line, as well as in a printed program for artists and visitors.


After Supper Visions

“After Supper Visions ”  Opening  Fri.  May 26,  6-9pm

After Supper Visions is a self-supporting photography enterprise for the poor, homeless and near homeless of Chicago. Five nights a week the needy are supper guests at Catholic Charities at 721 North LaSalle Street. On Tuesdays, those who wish to participate in the program are given cameras, disposable or inexpensive digital, and instruction by professional photographers. When the cameras are returned, guest-photographers choose 3 or 4 images to be printed and included in an exhibition for the public.

The motto for the program is that it “Develops Film, Talent, and Hope.” Observations and conversations with supper-guest photographers provide a picture of people who are able, through the program, to engage with volunteers and one another in a meaningful way and to find a sense of self through their photographic endeavors. It provides an objective intellectual opportunity beyond their efforts just to survive. One guest states that photography makes them feel as though that they are worth something. Another tells that he has two precious possessions-his blood-sugar monitoring kit and his camera. While yet another talks about trying to capture something of experiential homelessness and being able to see the glory and grace of everyday existence.

Proceeds from the sale of the work supports both the program and the guest photographers personally. Please note: This is a non-religious endeavor.  Catholic Charities and After Supper Visions supports all races and religions.





Opening:     Friday May 26 from 6-9pm

Exhibition dates:     May 24 – June 17, 2017

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm

Pauline Kochanski

“The Past Is Still With Us”  Opening  Fri.  May 26,  6-9pm

The exhibition “The Past is Still With Us” is a new installation by Chicago-based artist Pauline Kochanski.  The installation is based on Ms. Kochanski’s interest in exploring ways to aesthetically express her  response to her family’s history of the European Holocaust of World War II.  “The experience of my parents has haunted me and I have been exploring ways to express my emotional response.”

This installation breaks new ground for the artist, by inviting viewers to connect to the exhibition as participants.  Viewers are encouraged to interact and touch materials in the exhibition.  Viewers become participants.




Opening:     Friday May 26 from 6-9pm

Exhibition dates:     May 24 – June 17, 2017

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm

Chiyeko Yuki

“Chiyeko Yuki: New Work”  Opening  Fri.  May 26,  6-9pm

Tokyo-based artist Chiyeko Yuki returns to ARC Gallery with her newest creations. Yuki’s work is subtle, fragile, thoughtful and graceful. These small pieces of art work are Chiyeko Yuki’s everyday “journals”. They are Yuki’s way-of-life shown in light and shadow.

The repeated layering of shapes is the passing of every regular day.
The lights and shadows in each shape help tell stories about the inner life of the artist and bring to mind memories.

Light and shadow refer to the thoughts Yuki creates while she puts herself in each composition. The compositions have no direct association with any particular visible experience, but in them one recognizes the principle and passion of Yuki’s way of life.

The routines of every day are there in cruel ways and at times in gentle ways. Yuki creates art with internal freedom and without need to confirm or violate what is possible in her familiar precious life.

Art can scoop up not only light but also shadow. Art can shed light on the shadows in life which we, human beings, often try to bury beyond memory.

Opening:     Friday May 26 from 6-9pm

Exhibition dates:     May 24 – June 17, 2017

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm

Charlotte Segal

“Charlotte Segal: New Work”  Opening  Fri.  May 26,  6-9pm

In my early years as an artist, I concentrated on painting floral forms, of which many people compared me to another artist, ‘Georgia.’  Now, at 85, I reside in a senior community where the residents are primarily women.

Just like the women at ARC Gallery, they discuss many topics including the arts, politics and feminism.  The women here are very diverse both culturally and physically.  They are all beautiful whether they are slim, portly, petite or tall and they’ve become my wonderful neighbors.  Because of this, I’ve decided to focus on women as the subject of my paintings now. I’ve depicted them “au natural” and in many bright hues.  I suspect my neighbors might blush from head to toe when they learn they were the inspiration for this show.




Opening:     Friday May 26 from 6-9pm

Exhibition dates:     May 24 – June 17, 2017

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm

Call For Entries “SHOUT!”


In July 2017–Deadline for entries June 11, 11:59pm  Prospectus and Application Form:

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ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation is holding a
fundraiser to coincide with our upcoming Home Exhibition. ARC is selling artist designed, painted and otherwise enhanced small birdhouses to support the work of it’s educational arm. These unique birdhouses are available at $10 each. Get a piece of art, an ornament for your tree, a gift for a colleague or just a little fun for yourself.

Learn More about ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation by Listening to DePaul University Podcast Featuring Cheri Reif Naselli

HOME; An Exhibition

ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation

Extended the deadline for the show until Tuesday, Oct 4 at 11:59pm.

For more information or to apply, please download our prospectus, or continue to our online form.

Home: (hom) n. 1. One’s dwelling place; abode of one’s family. A place where one flourishes, is most typically found or originates w. One’s abode after death; the grave. 3. The abiding place of one’s affection, esp. domestic affections. 4. Ones native land or place. 6. The social unit or center formed by a family living together.

This juried exhibition investigates how home is perceived in a variety of contemporary contexts. Homelessness, routine eviction, migrant work, and the refugee crisis all affect our understanding of home. This exhibition seeks to explore the concept of home in light of these current international and domestic contexts. What does the concept of home mean for the individual and community? This investigation includes, but is not limited to, artistic inquiries of social and cultural identity, economic and political status, gender identity , and ethnic and/or religious heritage.


  • Trevor Martin serves as Director of Exhibitions and Associate Curator at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A multi-media artist, he is also a lecturer in the School’s performance department. Associated with SAIC since 1998, Martin has lead projects that bridge education and creative research involving guest artists, faculty, and students and organized numerous exhibitions around performance and multi-media work.
  • Asha Veal Brisebois, a graduate student in art administration and policy student at School of the Art Institute Chicago, will serve as co-juror with Mr. Martin, as part of ARC’s educational and mentoring program initiatives.

For more information or to apply, please download our prospectus, or continue to our online form.

CALL FOR ENTRIES – “We the People…” an open-walls show at ARC Gallery

In mid-July 2016, ARC will present an exhibition entitled, “We the People….”

***Download the prospectus or  submit online ***

Deadline for Submissions: July 2, 2016 @ 11:59pm CST

As part of the important conversations swirling around this election year, ARC invites artists to join an exciting new open walls show in August 2016 entitled “We The People…”

With this exhibition we are looking for work that critically explores and dissects the current election season and the wider impact government has on our lives. We, in this country (U.S.), are all affected by those whom we elect, regardless of racial, sexual, gender, class, citizenship status. To grapple with issues and ultimately to vote is a responsibility and an honor; and it calls for discussion in which both visual and non-visual artists, can have much to offer.

“We The People…” is an open walls show. In a democracy, everyone’s voice matters.  So in this show, if you apply, you are automatically included in this exhibition.  There are just a few rules – to find out more, click here to download the prospectus, or click here to submit now, online.

CALL FOR ENTRIES “It Figures: The Body in Art”

It Figures: The Body in Art

Juried by Dan Addington

Informational Prospectus and Call for Entries

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ARC GALLERY AND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION is a non-profit, woman-run cooperative gallery dedicated to providing alternative space exhibition opportunities for innovative artists outside the commercial gallery system. Since 1973, ARC has given exposure and support to both men and women artists, providing an atmosphere for the continued development of artistic potential and experimentation.

In late June 2016, ARC will present “It Figures: The Body in Art”

The exhibition “It Figures” is a contemporary examination of the human figure, historically a major focus of artists.  All societies have created their own concepts for how to portray the human body.  These concepts are reflected and challenged in artists’ representation of the human figure.  ARC looks to examine contemporary society’s and artists’ views of the human body in all of its manifestations.

All mediums and materials are eligible including video and performance for submission. In order to be considered, the artwork submitted must include human figurative aspects.  Due to space limitations no projections or media-based installations will be accepted.