The Steiners

The Steiners: Three Generations:  Opening  Fri.  Aug 3,  6-9pm 

1463 W Chicago Ave  Note!  This exhibition is at ARC’s new location on Chicago Ave.  There are still 3 exhibitions at our old location at 2156 N. Damen.  Those will be the last exhibitions at the Damen location.

Nature or nurture? A combination of both may be responsible for producing three generations of artists in the Steiner family, each with a unique style and artistic aesthetic.

Patriarch Joe Steiner had no exposure to art as a child but remembers being thrilled when he was able to draw a horse that actually looked like a horse at the age of four or five. Over time, he developed his skills largely on his own, until he won a citywide art competition while still in high school. He followed a different path for a while, majoring in psychology in college. Later, he took occasional art classes, entered art fairs, then ran a successfully gallery and art school in Lincolnwood for a number of years, before closing the gallery to devote more time to painting.

Joe’s daughter, Lisa, grew up around art and artists. A photo of her drawing at her father’s feet during an art fair appeared in a local paper when she was just a preschooler. She also followed a different path as a college undergraduate, but later studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, earned an MFA at the University of Oregon, and became a painter.

Joe’s granddaughter, Sahar, was immersed in art throughout her childhood by her grandfather, her aunt Lisa, and her father David, who painted early on before becoming a documentary filmmaker. She took art classes in high school and won a prestigious Gold Key in painting from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. She too has chosen a different major at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, where she is a student, but she continues to study and make art, and it is an important part of her identity and her life.

Opening Reception, Friday, August 3, 6:00-9:00

  • Exhibition dates: Aug 3-25, 2018
  • Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm  

Monica J. Brown

Mythical Memory/Abstract LensOpening  Fri.  July 20,  6-9pm

“My current work is an exploration of memory, history and personal mythology. I believe that gathering the stories from the past, knowing them, and sharing them is a means to healing learned dysfunctional patterns as well as embracing inherited strengths and gifts.  I have been exploring the stories of my maternal ancestors with an inquiry into that which is passed down through generations of women (epigenetics).

What does it mean to remember? Memory is the fabric of life experience. Our autobiographical memories are the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves. Though life events may be experienced with others, memory is a solo journey, as it a reproduction of events filtered through personal perception and an interpretation of past experiences. Beyond nostalgia, memory holds an essence of our awareness of ourselves. It is a template for how we perceive relationships, and informs our interactions inside relationships.

Memory is an abstraction. It holds our entire history, but how much of that is our “real” story? And what stories do we tell ourselves about this story? Which stories do we own and which ones own us? And how do we break free of those that don’t serve our greatest good? And which ones are there for us to uncover/recover/discover for the healing our ancestors/progeny/selves?”

Opening Reception, Friday, July 20, 6:00-9:00

  • Exhibition dates: July 18 – August 11, 2018
  • Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm  

nitty-gritty NIU Thesis Exhibition

March 28 – April 21

Opening Reception

March 30th

6 – 9 PM

M. Brej • A. Cortes • S. Dupré • N. Elson • R. Griffith • R. Hill

L. Iacoponi • M. Kennedy Nora • K. Rodey • E. Sawka • T. Silver • A. Viola