Seeing RED

“Seeing RED”                  Opening  Fri.  Feb. 3,  6-9pm

In this non-juried, Open Walls exhibition, ARC asked artists to reflect on what “Seeing RED” might look like, what it might reference metaphorically, emotionally, politically, or literally.

Exhibiting Artists:  Julie Rotblat Amramy,  Brandin Barón,   Nancy Bechtol,   Sally Blood,   Angelique Bolin,   Radegonda Broede,   Carly Colvin,   Joan D’Arcambal,  Andre Daugavietis,   Jeffry Dean,   Jason DeBose,   Manal Deeb,   Kristin Edens,   Sari Fishman,   Anne Farley Gaines,  Doug Garder,   Melissa Gerleve,   Iris Goldstein,   Lucy Julia Hale,   Carol Hamilton,   Hermann Harmann,   Julia Harmon,  Frank Ishman,   Rachel Joyce,   Judith Berk King,   Kimberly King,   Ria Kmetova,   Pauline Kochanski,   Karen Lange,  Judy Langston,   Jessica Lee,   Cindy Lesperance,   Liesa Liezke,   Sarah Lovitt,   Fern Migdal,  Valerie McCune,   Jacqueline Moses,  Karen Musgrave,   Cheri Reif Naselli,   Geoffrey Novelli,  Ann O’Brien,   Andre Pace,   Lindsey Pearson,   Reggie Pointer,  Ann Rosen,   Karen Sako,   Mary Saran,   Seraphine,  John Seubert,   Lee Stanton,   Cynthia Staples,   Jane Stevens,   Patricia A. Stewart,   Orit Suchs,   Yingwan Sun,   Alexander Sutphen,   Rhonda Thomas Urdang,   Paula Valenzuela,   Mary Wagner,   Ingrid Wells,  Barbara Wester,   Evan D Williams,   Jungyul Yu


Opening:     Friday February 3 from 6-9pm

Exhibition dates:     February 2-25, 2017

Gallery hours:     Thurs-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm

CALL FOR ENTRIES – “Seeing RED” an open-walls show at ARC Gallery

February 2016, ARC will present an exhibition entitled, “Seeing RED”

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Deadline for Submissions: Jan. 25, 2017 @ 11:59pm CST

“Seeing RED” will be an Open Walls Exhibition, giving artists the opportunity to exhibit their work at ARC without a juror.

ARC is asking artists to reflect on what “Seeing RED” might look like, what it might reference metaphorically, emotionally, politically, or literally. We’re seeking work that challenges the status quo or obvious, while asking the artists to have fun playing with this very broad title.

All mediums and materials are eligible if they conform to the size limitations. The art-work must be no more than 18 inches wide, (including a possible frame). Media-based installations will be accepted as long as the artist provides the viewing equipment, and the horizontal size of this equipment is no more than 18 inches.seeing-red1

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 Opening Reception: Friday, December 2, 6-9pm
image by Newbold Bohemia
Jurors’ choices–   Best in Show: Frank Ishman                Honorable Mentions: Kathleen Eaton, Ellen Freyer, Karen Musgrave, Zhiyuan Yang